Local Guard

Our Unarmed Local Static Security Guards are well suited for guarding and patrolling areas in which violent crime is rare, and for prevention of unauthorized access to stores or other restricted areas.
They often have the duty to:
- Respond to fires and medical emergencies.
- Protect properties and patrons from theft, vandalism and violence.
- Patrol properties or guarding gate entrances.
- File incident reports.
Our Unarmed Static Security Guards are trained to present a strong and confident appearance, as well as possess good customer service skills to interact with customers and members to the public.


Nepalese Guard

Our Unarmed Static Nepalese Security Guards are trained with high discipline and professionalism in doing their role on safeguading our client premises.

Their are trustworthy, loyal and highly committed in performing each and every task. All of our Nepalese Guard are recruited legally from Nepal and have valid passport and working permit as a security guard in Malaysia.


Armed Guard

Most of our Armed Static Security Guards are ex-personnel from the army, police forces or civil servants. They are disciplined, trustworthy, dedicated and committed toward fulfilling their duties.

All our Armed Static Security Guards are required to attend at least two shooting practices per year to sharpen their shooting skills as well as to practice the safe handling of firearms. They are trained to adhere to a strict set of rules governing the use of firearms and will only use them when necessary.



Our Bodyguards are suitable for the protection of VIP clients from threats such as assaults, kidnapping and stalking.

They are mostly selected personnel from ex-army and ex-police forces, and are well trained in defence, weaponry and combat. They are licensed to carry guns, physically fit and possess active thinking, critical analysis and communication skills.

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Armed Mobile Escort

Our elite mobile escort team are well trained and highly disciplined, befitting their scope of professional in armed escort services. Their skills include scouting activities, hazard removal, threat removal, car escorts, retrievals, close range shooting and unarmed combats.



We have a good track record in providing point-to-point transportation of cash and valuables in the market.