Building a solid Foundation

Our Mission

Security is the foundation in which companies and individuals may conduct their activities with confidence. At Super Force Security Services Sdn Bhd, your security is our business and we aim to provide the very best in the industry for the needs of both individuals and businesses as we strive to be the premier security services provider in Malaysia.

Our Vision

To achieve our vision, we enlist only individuals qualified with the proper skills and experience to ensure job requirements are met. In order to maintain peak physical performance, personnel in our employ are required to undergo regular training designed to improve upon all the necessary skills for the job, ensuring they will deliver only their best at all times.

Our Core Values

At Super Force Security Services Sdn Bhd, we value the following:


We strive to be innovative and to always update our expertise with current trends and technologies. We are flexible, open to change and committed to act fast.


We regularly provide education and training designed to maintain peak physical performance and impart all the necessary skills required to ensure a high level of quality in the work carried out by our personnel.


We are committed to providing a superior employment experience for our employees and to deliver the best value for our clients by living up to and exceeding performance expectations.